pallet furniture
Loads of questions are asked on what can you do with unwanted wooden pallets? So here we will give you a variety of options or alternatives you can do with your unwanted pallets. Also, how unwanted pallets would be beneficial and much useful for our company […]
wood chippings
Loads of people are searching the internet and wondering are wood chippings good. So, in this blog we will make sure we cover all the wanted answers around this product. Informing you about TIPCIs wood chippings and how we are unique compared to other companies when […]
custom pallet
In need of custom size pallets near you? Then you’re at the right place. At TIPCI, we offer a flexible range of custom size pallets to fit our customers’ needs big or small. TIPIC’s custom size pallets are made at the highest quality and treated with […]
Pallet Blocks! Sustainable Pallet Blocks made from recycled raw materials, with amazing strength and durability.
ISPM15 Compliant All pallets meet ISPM15 requirements ensuring a safe and reliable pallet.
Waste Management Complete wood waste management ensuring sustainability to help our environmental goals.
New and Recycled Pallets We supply customers with various pallet sizes and grades.