Why should you work with a sustainable pallet company? Well sustainability is at the forefront of our minds at the moment and as it should be. We are currently destroying our world which is affecting the livelihood of future generations. We must sit up and act against world pollution as it is currently damaging our lives, health and destroying our ecosystem as well as corrupting our natural resources.

Now more than ever it is vital we are aware of our waste management. Waste management is one of the major key issues affecting environmental problems. To find out more about the other key issues effecting our world please see the blue and green journey blog post here.

Why you should work with us over any other pallet company?

We are on a mission for our family-run pallet business to become the most sustainable in the packaging industry. For over 40 years, TIPCI has manufactured, repaired, supplied and collected pallets for businesses large and small across the UK. But now, our new project has cemented TIPCI’s commitment to building a better future. By recycling waste wood – which would otherwise find itself in landfill – and turning it into top quality, heat-treated pallet blocks. This is all via innovative technology and energy-efficient machinery. The company’s new manufacturing process is unlike any other in the industry in the UK.

Sustainable Pallet Wood Block

How are we different?

We have a continuous supply of any grade pallet you need. From virgin and reconditioned wood you name it we have it in order to meet the critical demands of your supply chain. If you need a supplier who won’t let you down, who consistently provides the right quality and standard and who can even help you in urgent crisis (every business has them), then we are your partner of choice.

Our customers include large high street retailers and online distributers, operating the breadth and depth of the U.K.

Johnny Hoare, Connor Hoare, Darren Hoare – Employees of TIPCI Group

How we are sustainable?

We are the only U.K pallet company to manufacture 100% recycled, heat-treated pallet blocks. This is to help provide a complete, recycle pallet solution. Our pallets are high grade and built to last therefore you can re-use our pallets numerous times. If you are conscious about your global footprint and keen to reduce it take a look at a previous blog – How can we be more sustainable with packaging?

Pallet Blocks


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