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Loads of people are searching the internet and wondering are wood chippings good. So, in this blog we will make sure we cover all the wanted answers around this product. Informing you about TIPCIs wood chippings and how we are unique compared to other companies when we produce our chippings. Which could lead to a possible partnership for you when you’re in need of wood chippings whether that’s for commercial or personal use.

Are wood chips good for gardens?

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Natural wood products such as wood chippings are a popular addition to most gardens due to their versatility. As well as the fact that when used as a mulch they naturally break down over a period of time. Providing added nutrients to the soil. Which isn’t the case when using other organic mulches such as gravel or slate.

They’re also an excellent fertilizer for gardens. They are renewable and easy to use as a mulch. Not only are wood chips economical, but they also help keep unnecessary matter out of the landfills.

By choosing wood chippings in your garden, you’ll contribute less to fuel wastage and since they break down so slowly. You won’t need to replace them often in your garden. Wood chips are usually comprised of material of various sizes, so they’re more resistant to becoming compacted than other materials, like bark or sawdust. Plus, this diversity supports a wide range of soil microorganisms, making for a healthier plant environment and more resistance to environmental stress.

TIPCI’s Wood chippings

wood chippings (130kg)

We are delighted to announce that we now have a constant supply of sustainable wood chippings made from 100% recycled pallet wood and timber. We are certain we have the best in the industry, manufactured from TIPCIs headquarters from our very own crusher machine.

How does it work?

Firstly, by placing the timber into the shredder that crushes the pieces of wood into smaller chippings. Along the way any metals from the wood are removed to make sure no other materials are mixed when packaging guaranteeing no contamination. This process is possible due to our magnet belts attached to the ramp.

Why Should I use TIPCI’s Wood chippings?

We make sure our chippings are safe for personal use. For example, no one catching their hands on any loose nails etc. We then package or fill the bags ready to be delivered to customers depending on the order of quantity.

TIPCI wood chippings are made of the highest quality, we believe we have the highest-grade in the industry. We sell this item in bags of (10kg) for companies with needs of smaller amounts for businesses in landscape of just general garden use. Or we now offer the availability to order larger amounts of this product weighing at (130kg). For the customers who plan to fill local parks or larger projects in their garden or workspace.

Furthermore, if your passionate about global footprint and thrive on contribution to sustainability then our product perfectly demonstrates this matter. Due to zero waste wood in the process. The method we use to recycle wood is the best way to help and support our environment.

Are wood chippings safe?

wood chippings

Please be warned that this product is highly flammable and should be treaded and looked after. So, make sure if you’re using purposely for uses for starting a fire you keep away from children and stay at a safe distance at all times.

If this is not your intentions for use, make sure this item is kept away from any scenarios where it can be exposed to fires; or even catching alight in your workspace or garden.

Having said that it’s proven that wood chippings are a safe choice for surfacing parks for children to play. Certainly, more safe than other organic mulches such as gravel or slate. This is because by using wood chippings it creates a softer surface for children. Which highly reduces the risk of injury form falling over.

As pea gravel and rubber surfaces may sound like ideal options for cushioned play area surfaces, but they have their drawbacks and don’t deliver the efficiency and flexibility of playground wood chips. One you may not know is that they’re less sensitive to extreme temperatures. Hence, they can protect your children during the heat of summer as well as the cold of winter.


In conclusion, there are many aspects where wood chippings are a good and organic for commercial and personal use. We believe at TIPCI that we manufacture our wood chippings to the highest quality and treated with the up most respect and care to ensure that there made from made from 100% recycled wood and guaranteed no contamination when bagging up our product.

In addition, wood chippings are safe to use however be sure to keep away from fire if the intentions are not for this use due to this product being highly flammable.

If you are a business that’s in need on a constant supply of wood chippings or you wish to make a onetime order big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch or go visit our shop to see what we can offer for you.


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