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Are you a business that’s looking to buy pallets in Portsmouth? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at TIPCI we offer a wide range of pallets that come in a variety of sizes fit to customer needs. Brand new or second hand we provide you with the highest-grade pallets in the industry.

Why should I choose TIPCI as a supplier?

Buy pallets in Portsmouth

We are known for our super-quick, reliable, and flexible services. We’ve been helping businesses – large and small – with supply and collection of pallets for years.

We have a continuous supply of every grade of pallet brand new, virgin and reconditioned to meet the demands of your business. If you need a supplier who won’t let you down, who consistently provides the best quality and standard. Who can even help you in urgent situations (this occasion happens in every business) we understand. Then TIPCI is your chosen supplier when you want to buy pallets in Portsmouth.

We are a pallet company in Portsmouth and if you want to buy pallets and have the PO post code, we will delivery straight to your whereabouts for free.

At TIPCI we heat-treat our pallets for customers. We do this because if were exporting or importing from outside of the UK, then the pallets will need to be heat-treated. This is a new legislation that is required to prevent the spread the disease and infection. This is also because if along the supply chain our customers choose to import or export the pallets there may still be a requirement to have heat-treated pallets for use within the UK.

What pallets do we offer?

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What do we offer? From, brand new to reconditioned you name it we have it. In order to meet the demands of our customers.

Here at TIPCI, we offer a range of second-hand pallets that we’ve repaired and reconstructed. Guaranteeing a newer, stronger, and longer lasting wooden pallet.  

Our most popular pallets we sell are the EURO pallets, UK Standard pallets, and the Heavy duty 3 legger pallets.

Euro pallets New/Second-hand

stack of second-hand Euro pallets

There are four different grades of Euro pallets. The grades range from 1 through to 4. The highest grade is 1, which withstands weight of up to 2500kg. The grade 1 is also highly conditioned. A grade 1 pallet is in perfect cosmetic condition.

Following an A grade 2 pallet can withstand the same weight load, but it may not look in a perfect condition, however it still performs to a high standard.

Lastly, Grade 3 and grade 4 pallets are lighter and take lighter weight loads. Grade 3 takes a maximum of 750kg and grade 4 holds a maximum weight of 300kg. Grades 3 and 4 are not suitable for pallet racking.

What companies use these pallets?

Euro pallets are popular for their strength, reliability, and the possibility to be used multiple times and convenient for carrying heavy loads at a time. All Euro pallets contain the EUR or EPAL heat treatment stamp on the side of the blocks to show that they’re official. Furthermore, the most popular companies that use euro pallets are mainly food stores purely because of the strength and stability of the pallet making it possible to use multiple of times without much damage or breaks that could make it not reusable.

Buy New TIPCI Euro pallets

We are delighted to announce that we have continuous supply of New Euro pallets made from sustainable resources. Available to order on our shop.

Produced from, fresh sawn new timber from our sustainable source in Europe. Using our very own blocks manufactured on site also from sustainable sources, all timber and parts of the pallet are heat treated and kiln dried. Perfect for businesses operating in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Certificated and meeting industry standards to ensure our customers’ needs are fully met.

UK Standard pallets New/Second-hand

Stack of second-hand UK standard pallets

The UK standard is a pallet that is 48×40. Which consists of 8-9 deck boards securely nailed across the top with each deck board being 3” (9cm) wide 5” (0.8cm) thick allowing up to 2 tonnes of mass that can be stored on the pallet.

UK standard pallets come in two types, both same sizes, but have different characteristics identifying each one. The first type is a ‘Medium’ which has smaller blocks in between the boards and can have at least 7 deck boards across the top. However, the number of boards across the top of the pallet varies between 7-9.

The second type of a standard pallet is called a ‘Heavy’ this pallet contains a larger size block. Separating the boards, potentially creating a wider gap in between the pallet making it easier to move with a forklift or the pallet pump up trolleys. Also, by having are larger and more secure block on the bottom, makes the pallet stronger. Making it able to hold more weight. However, the boards are the same on each pallet unless you specifically request a certain number of boards TIPCI will supply that for you. The larger blocks are what gives the pallet that extra lee way with the weight giving it the name ‘Heavy’.

What companies use these pallets?

These pallets are mainly used in warehouse or factories for transporting heavy products. Such as, washing machines, fridges, and heavy furniture. Or even foods, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals industries. Standard pallets would be the most popular choice to supply these types of companies mainly because of the structure and size of the pallet. Making it easy for larger objects to fit on the pallet without falling off and getting damaged or broken.

Buy New TIPCI UK standard pallets

We are delighted to announce that we have continuous supply of New UK standard pallets made from sustainable resources. Available to order on our shop.

All wood on this product is sourced sustainably and the blocks are manufactured on site to ensure the highest quality and environmental standards are being met. This product is perfect for use in the foods, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals industries. All wood on this pallet has received heat treatment and is kiln dried ensuring that this pallet is contamination free.

TIPCI Group is a registered business of the Forestry commission allowing us to heat-treat our pallets and certification can be supplied if required by the customer. We take pride in the quality of our pallets and the reliability of our service.

Heavy Duty 3 Legger pallets New/Second-hand

Stack of second-hand 3 legger pallets

The heavy-duty 3 legger pallet (1200×1000) ideal to carry large quantities of products. This is a very popular pallet that we sell to our customers.

What companies use these pallets?

The most popular companies that use the 3 legger pallet are commonly used in plastics, fruits, and general warehousing. 

Typically, because of the large square base of the pallet with each deck board a short distance apart. Reducing the chance of anything falling through the gaps or an object being too big to fit on the pallet. What makes this pallet so secure are the 9 large blocks supporting the boards in between the base and the surface nailed securely by the long 90mm nails that hold the blocks in place reducing the chances of the pallet getting damaged during loading or unloading large items.

Buy New TIPCI heavy-duty 3 legger pallets

We are delighted to announce that we have continuous supply of New Heavy-Duty 3 legger pallets made from sustainable resources. Available to order on our shop.

Heavy duty, brand new 3 legger pallet. All wood is sourced from sustainable sources as TIPCI is on a mission to become the first zero waste pallet company in the UK. All blocks on this pallet are manufactured and produced by TIPCI and are all from our factory made completely sustainably and heat treated.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to buy pallets in Portsmouth, or internationally look no further than TIPCI Group. Continuous supply of every grade of pallet brand new, virgin or reconditioned. Reliable and trustworthy, with decades of knowledge in the industry.

Check out our range of pallets in our online shop or contact us for any enquiries.

We would be more than happy to be your supplier and we will not let you down.


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