Looking for Heat Treated Euro Pallets in Portsmouth or in the UK?

We sell euro pallets to companies in Portsmouth and across the UK. A euro pallet is the standard pallet that is recognised and accepted across Europe. If you are exporting goods to Europe, then you will require euro pallets. Euro pallets require to be heat treated if shipping to and from Europe. It is important to source heat treated Euro pallets from a reputable UK supplier. Solid wood packaging, including pallets, must meet the ISPM15 international standards if you are shipping abroad. If you require Euro pallets, then they probably need to meet the ISPM15 international standards as you are shipping abroad.

You can read our article on ISMP15 here

You can read more about ISPM15 international standards on the government website here

What is a Euro Pallet?

A euro pallet is an internationally accepted pallet, recognised by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). The ISO is a world-wide federation of national standard bodies. You can read about the ISO here.

A euro pallet is 1200 X 800mm in size, which are the approved dimensions for transportation.  A euro pallet can be plastic or wooden. A wooden Euro pallet is more cost-effective and is the most popular euro pallet in circulation.

Why do I need a Euro Pallet?

You need to use euro pallets If you are shipping your pallets internationally, or if you are part of a supply chain that ships internationally. If you are using euro pallets to ship internationally, make sure your pallet is heat treated and stamped to meet ISPM15 standards.

Benefits of a Euro Pallet

Euro pallets are recognised across the world. A euro pallet is commonly used in warehouses and logistic centres in the UK, Europe and across the world. This means that pallet racking in most warehouses will accommodate the euro pallet.

Buying a Euro Pallet from TIPCI Group Portsmouth

TIPCI Group is renowned for high quality euro pallets of every grade.

Grade A euro pallets withstands very heavy loads of up to 2500kg. TIPCI Group supplies UK and Portsmouth companies with Grade A, B, C and D euro pallets. A euro pallet from TIPCI Group is environmentally friendly and sustainable as it can be reused over and over. TIPCI Group is also building the first ever wood crusher to make pallet blocks from wood chip.

Competitive Prices for Euro Pallets in Portsmouth

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