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If you managed to read our latest blog on the difference between Euro Pallets and Standard Pallets, you should already know the answer. Euro pallets are the most commonly known as they have multiple functions. They are European standard size pallet which is 1200mm×800mm. We have 5 different grades of wood that carry 4 different weights and 5 different Euro pallet types. The New Euro pallet is what is mainly used for food transportation.

Foof transportation pallets
New Euro Pallets – the best pallets for food transportation

The Best Pallet for Food Transportation

Therefore, the best pallet for food transportation is the New Euro pallet. New Euro pallets are sourced from brand new timber that has never been used before. They are extremely high quality. These pallets can hold a ton in weight. New pallets are mainly used for food transportation as food can’t risk contamination before it reaches the end consumer. Pharmaceuticals is another industry new pallets are used for.

New Euro pallets can be used mainly for farmers. They are best used for transporting fresh fruits, vegetables, meats or various other local produce.


With sustainability at the forefront of our business we still ensure a long life cycle for the New Euro pallets. Despite New Euro pallets being made from never been used before timber. We can still reuse these pallets however after their initial usage of transporting food good’s they now have different intentions.

Once the new pallet has been used for food transportation, we then re-use this pallet which then becomes our Euro 1. A Euro 1 pallet is a second hand new pallet. Therefore, the Euro 1 still holds a ton in weight however as it is second-hand wood it can no longer be used for food transportation.

the best pallets to use (EURO pallets)
stacked euro 1 pallet – a euro 1 pallet is the name of a new pallet after it has been used once for food transportation

A Pallet’s Circle of Life

The shelf life of this pallet still lives on however as after it’s third or fourth use of a Euro 1 we can then use it for a Euro 2. Once again this can still hold the same amount of weight the only difference is the quality of the wood as this has now become worn from being re-used. Once we have used the pallets as much as possible, we can then crush the wood through our innovative crushing machine to then be remoulded into wooden blocks which then gets made into a new pallet all over again.

contribution to sustainability
The crusher machine process is how we cycle the new euro pallets that have been used once for food transportation


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