We are delighted to have successfully produced our first en-mass production of pallet blocks, from our new crushing machine.

Having designed and innovated a machine to enable us to mass produce heat-treated wooden pallet blocks, made from waste wood, we have now successfully ran our first batch of perfectly produced pallet blocks.

The decision to design our own technology has been based on customer demand; many of our customers require heat-treated premium grade pallets and often they require the pallets to be made from recycled material.

The only mass provider of the wooden pallet blocks is based in the Netherlands and we found the supply was inconsistent. So we decided to invest in our own manufacturing process on site!

18 months later, our vision has become a reality and we’re very proud to be the only UK manufacturer to mass produce pallet blocks from waste wood, in this way. This truly enables us to provide a complete pallet solution for our customers across the UK and fulfils every requirement for larger corporations who have sustainability requirements within their supply chain.

If you’d like to find out more about this process or if you’d like to discuss your requirements for wooden pallet supply, get in touch.


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