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How can I get free pallets? When people are looking for free pallets, they tend to look outside food/ grocery stores, warehouses or retail stores. Where companies would just chuck left over pallets outside on the road no matter the condition it’s left in. Or even another popular solution would be looking on Facebook marketplace with the same possible outcome of the condition being poor or not as shown in picture. Here we are going to explain the disadvantages of this and why you should come to us and choose TIPCI for your supply of pallets for your needs.

Where can I find free pallets?

Free pallets

If you’re in need of free pallets, there a many food or retail stores that require pallets for their business and stock and these industries very often, after they have finished using the pallets, leave them outside the store or on the side of the road. To either be collected or left to rot. Additionally, if you end up finding pallets that have been abandoned. The chances are high that the condition will be very poor or even not useable. As a result, if the pallet needs fixing it would be highly unlikely you will fix it. But then depends on the reason and objective to why you’re in need of free pallets.

Another place where you can find free pallets is Facebook market. This would be where someone has finished with the pallet which has resulted in taken up room. Meaning they are looking to get rid of it for free and replace the space that’s being taken up. The disadvantage of this is that mainly if the pallet is in a very poor condition, it’s not worth anything to anyone meaning that the pallets strength and lifespan is short and not going to be much useful for what its designed to do.

What can I do with broken pallets?

broken pallets

Have you got unwanted, broken pallets taking up room at your home or workspace? Bring them to us. Here at TIPCI we reconstruct and fully repair second hand pallets. To then sell to customers or even back to you at a reasonable price. Depending on the type and quantity of pallets.

We even have a waste management service where we make pallet recycling easy and affordable for our customers. If you want rid of the pallets taking up space in your warehouse, yard, or garden, but you don’t need a full collection service, bring your pallets to our factory. No matter the condition, will not end up in landfill. Your pallet will be repurposed or, if it can’t be. We have an onsite pallet crushing machine that will process the waste wood, heat treat it and re-mould it into pallet blocks for heat-treated pallets. Ensuring the process is as hassle-free and cost efficient. 

Who looks for free pallets?

free pallets

Who would look for free pallets? When an individual is looking for free pallets, it could be for a number of reasons. One being for garden furniture. This is one popular solution for people wanting to find wooden pallet or pallets. For possibly building a coffee table or even depending on the size and condition of the pallet and chair or outside sofa. For more strategies or creative ideas for what to do with wooden pallets. Go and visit our blog on ‘What can you make from a pallet’

Another scenario where people would look for free pallets. Would be when an individual or groups of people go around in little pickups or curtain siders. They pick up unwanted or abandoned pallets to then sell to local pallet companies around the area to be then repaired and reconditioned into a stronger and effective pallet for supply chains. This is effective due to less pallets going to landfill.

To conclude, if you need free pallets the best places to look would be business industries in:

  • Construction sites and builders
  • Facebook market
  • Small garden shops
  • Furniture stores
  • Equipment stores
  • Newspaper companies
  • Pet stores
  • Grocery stores

However, expect the condition of these pallets will most likely be very poor due to them being left after use. Shows that they are possibly unusable or broken. Having said that if you have a number of broken pallets that needs repairing. TIPCI will recondition and restore your pallets to its full expectations and guarantee longer lasting usage for multiple supply chains.

For more advice on what do to with your pallets or more updates go visit our blog pages or contact us we will be happy to help.


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