Sustainable Packaging

We are in a world where we are increasingly environmentally-conscious. A world where companies are under pressure to be more environmentally-friendly. Many businesses are asking the question, “Just how can we be more sustainable with packaging”?

Here, TIPCI explores sustainable packaging options for businesses.

Use Materials That Are Recyclable

To be more sustainable with packaging is not hard work. Start by reviewing the packaging materials your company uses. There could be some quick wins for your company, such as swapping out non-recyclable material for recyclable. Avoid mixed materials, such as plastic and cardboard, as they immediately become non-recyclabe. Pallets for shipping and logistics are a great way to use a sustainable product that can be reused over and over.

Use Materials That Are Recycled

There are plenty of recycled packaging options available to businesses. Once upon a time, this could’ve been a compromise in cost or quality. Large packaging companies – such as RajaPack – have invested significantly to create a comprehensive range of environmental packaging solutions. Furthermore, when it comes to pallets, many companies buy and use recycled pallets to transport and ship their goods. Find a reputable pallet company that is able to provide a consistent supply of high quality recycled pallets. If your company is not able to use recycled or second hand pallets (this is typical in food, beverages and pharmaceutical industries), then find a reputable pallet company that provides sustainable virgin pallet solutions. TIPCI has recently launched a new range of high grade sustainable virgin pallets to provide a complate sustainable solution for companies that must use pallets from new wood. Discover more here.

Create A Simple and Effective Packaging Recycling Process At Work

Recycling at work doesn’t have to be hard! There are some very simple and effective solutions that don’t cost the earth (quite literally, they do the opposite!) and are easy to implement and follow. If you work in a large industrial setting, then we love the racksack® by Beaverswood. This innovative family of recycling sacks are designed to hook onto the end of racking. There are different designs for the different materials – from cardboard, through to plastics, general waste and even electricals. We love them because:

1/ They’re extremely affordable.

2/ They save space because they hang on the end of racking.

3/ They don’t need to be installed – you just hang them using the hooks provided.

4/ They make peoples’ lives easier and tidier at work.

When it comes to recycling pallets, get in touch with a sustainable pallet supplier who can provide a recycling service. At TIPCI we collect all our clients’ used and broken pallets. We then fix them up and they’re put back out into use. 

Work With Responsible Suppliers

To really enhance your packaging sustainability, ensure that your supply chain also have good environmental practises in place. If you work with reputable suppliers who demonstrate their efforts to improve their packaging sustainability, it will improve your company’s overall contribution to the cause. TIPCI is on a mission to become the first zero waste pallet company in the UK. Did you know that we recycle every piece of waste wood, no matter how damaged it is? We invented a giant wood crushing machine that is on site at our corporate HQ in Portsmouth. The wood crusher processes all waste wood (that can’t be reused and would otherwise go to landfill) into tiny sawdust particles. It is then – very economically – heat treated and glued together to form pallet blocks. We use these pallet blocks as part of our sustainable virgin pallet solution. The pallet panels come from sustainable forests and we replant a tree for every tree we use to make the virgin pallets.

If you’d like to learn more about our sustainable packaging solutions, please get in touch.


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