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Loads of people wonder how much pallets are. As well as, thinking what type of pallet is best for my needs whether that’s wooden or plastic pallets. Or a pallet that can hold large or small quantities. And how these factors effect the price of a pallet. So, in this blog we will be answering the most wanted questions around this subject and why some pallets may be more expensive than others.

How much are wooden pallets?

How much are pallets

The price of wooden pallets varies depending on many things. One being the condition of the pallet meaning whether the pallet is second hand or brand new. An example of this would be the comparison between a New Euro sized ‘TIPCI’ pallet and a second-hand Euro pallet. As the cost of a brand-new Euro pallet is priced at £18.00 compared to a second-hand Euro pallet which is priced at £9.00. In addition, for more insights on how much a euro pallet costs go visit our blog on ‘How Much Do Euro Pallets Cost?

Another aspect where the cost of wooden pallets can vary depending on the strength and stability of the pallet. For instance, a pallet that’s got a longer life expectancy and ability to be used a number of times through supply chains without any damages or breaks. This may have a have an impact on the value of the pallet. Compared to a pallet which has weaker characteristics and is not used for larger object loading purposes.

The price of wood compared to plastic

plastic pallets and wooden pallets

Both wooden and plastic pallets have many pros and cons with when in use. However, there is a massive difference in value between the two. Though wooden pallets are easily recyclable and can be repaired if damaged. A Plastic pallet Is generally three times the price of a wooden pallet.

This may be because Plastic is more durable than wood and is less likely to break down on repeated trips. Plastic pallets are also ideal for carrying heavy cargo during shipping and being moved around via forklift in a warehouse. Furthermore, plastic pallets are more able to withstand harsher weather elements in transit compared to wood pallets. Also, the fact plastic do not absorb moisture, common issues with wood pallets such as rot, infestation, fumigation, and odour absorption are no longer a concern. The smooth surface of plastic pallets can be easily and thoroughly cleaned between uses. Plastic pallets are perfect for industries with regulatory and hygiene requirements such as pharmaceutical and food and beverage.

Buy TIPCI Pallets

 TIPCI pallets

Why should I buy TIPCI pallets? At TIPCI we are delighted to announce that we have a continuous supply of every grade of pallet from brand new to reconditioned. We also apply heat-treatment for customers. We do this because if were exporting or importing from outside of the UK, then the pallets will need to be heat-treated. This is a new legislation that is required to prevent the spread the disease and infection. 

TIPCI pallets are affordable and durable for all customers no matter big or small no order can not be overcome by us. Our promise is that we can ensure you that your pallets are made with the upmost respect and care to suit your customer needs. We can offer delivery services that suits your whereabouts and orders. No location is too far for TIPCI and as we are based in Portsmouth if you are a customer hat has the PO postcode we will deliver to your location for free.

We are on a mission for our family-run pallet company to eventually become the most sustainable in the industry. For over 40 years, TIPCI has manufactured, repaired, supplied, and collected pallets for businesses large and small across the UK. But now, our new project has cemented TIPCI’s commitment to building a better future for everyone. By recycling waste pallet wood and timber – which would otherwise find itself in landfill. Turning it into top quality, heat-treated blocks. This is all via innovative technology and energy-efficient machinery. The company’s new manufacturing process is unlike any other company in the business. For more insights on how we make our blocks. Go check our blog on ‘What are pallet blocks made of’.


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