How much do Euro pallets cost? The price of euro pallets can vary; depending on your supplier, the grade of the pallet or whether you require to have heat treated pallets or not.

How Much Does a Euro Pallet Cost?

How much do Euro pallets cost

If you require a regular order of euro pallets, then at TIPCI Group you can secure discounted pricing.

The Cost of Euro Pallets from TIPCI Group

£9.00 Grade 1 Euro Pallet EUR001

£8.00 Grade 2 Euro Pallet EUR002

£4.50 Grade 3 Euro Pallet EUR003

£4.50 Grade 4 Euro Pallet EUR004

Heat treated pallets cost an additional £1 per pallet, or an additional £2 per pallet if you require certification.

If you require regular and higher quantities, we will offer further competitive pricing.

Additionally, if you want to buy pallets and have the PO post code, we will delivery straight to your whereabouts for free.

Euro pallet cost

What is a EURO pallet?

Euro pallet also known as EUR-pallet or EPAL- pallet. Is the standard European pallet specified by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). Euro pallets are the most commonly used pallet across Europe, as the name suggests. There are standard European pallet sizes that will be accepted by most countris in and around Europe. Most pallet racking will take a euro size pallet too.

Euro pallets are most popular for their strength, reliability and also the expectancy to be used multiple times. There structure is perfectly designed for carrying heavy loads at a time. They feature a box on top, which is constructed to hold products in place.

All euro pallets contain the EUR or EPAL heat treatment stamp on the side of the blocks to show that there official. The most popular companies that use euro pallets are mainly food stores. Explicitly, because of the strength and stability of the pallet. Making it possible to use multiple of times without much damage or breaks that could make it not reusable.

IPCC pallet block

The new ISPM15 international standards require businesses to only use heat treated pallets if you are importing and exporting goods from (or to) Europe and the rest of the world.

IPPC certified heat-treated pallets are typically stamped in black ink, with the stamp surrounded by either a square or oval shape. The code on the pallet will include the letters HT.

So, the chances are, if you need euro pallets then you also need them to be heat-treated.

What are the Different Grades of Euro Pallets?

There are four different grades of euro pallets. Ranging from 1 through to 4. The highest grade is 1, which withstands weight of up to 2500kg. A grade 1 is also highly conditioned. Furthermore, a grade 1 pallet is in perfect cosmetic condition.

Secondly, the grade 2 pallet can withstand the same weight load. But it may not look in a perfect condition, however it still performs to a high standard.

Grades 3 and 4 are lighter and take lighter weight loads. The grade 3 takes a maximum of 750kg. Compared to a grade 4 which holds a maximum weight of 300kg, grades 3 and 4 are not suitable for pallet racking.

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Pallet Collection Service from TIPCI Group

pallet wood bin

At TIPCI Group we provide a pallet collection service. We will deliver the pallet bin to your site and collect it when it is full. We have a range of over-sized pallet bins. Which enables very busy warehouses and distribution centres to operate more efficiently. Freeing up valuable space, maintaining a safe and tidy workplace. Following larger capacity bins mean there are fewer collections made too. Which in turn results in less traffic to your site. We’re providing this service for many businesses across the UK who operate with high volumes of pallets.

Overall, to find out more about the TIPCI Group pallet collection service, please get in touch

Or to find out more about what pallets we offer go and visit our shop for enquires.


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