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How much do pallets weigh? Well, when people are searching for the answer to this question its always best to be specific on the type of pallet you’re asking about. Because some pallets weigh more and less then others due to the max load, they can carry on the pallet itself. So, in this blog we will be telling you what the most common 3 pallets weigh and the max load they can take due to the pallets structure and characteristics.

How much does a euro pallet weigh?

How much does a euro pallet weigh

Euro pallet also known as EUR-pallet or EPAL- pallet. Is the standard European pallet specified by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). The EUR/EPAL-pallet is 1,200 mm × 800 mm × 144 mm (47.2 in × 31.5 in × 5.7 in); it is a four-way pallet made of solid timber. The weight of a Euro-pallet is approximately 25 kg.

Euro pallets are the standard pallet used in various high rack systems, trucks, and warehouses all around Europe. Also, companies exporting their goods to the continent usually pack their products on EPAL Euro pallets. Euro pallets are most popular for their strength, reliability, and the expectancy to be used multiple times. There structure is perfectly designed for carrying heavy loads at a time. The most the Euro can hold is 1,500kg.

Perfect for businesses operating in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The euro pallets are also known to be having more commercial value for importers than standard commercial pallets. It is because they can be forwarded directly to the clients. In addition, they can change their existing pallets with new euro pallets.

How much do UK standard pallets weigh?

How much do Uk standard pallets weigh

The UK standard pallet is a pallet that is 48×40 and weighs around 20-24 kg. They are mainly used just for UK. Standard pallets are heavy duty based on the wood used. You can get new standard pallets also known Perimeter Based which is abbreviated to PB. The Perimeter Based is then abbreviated further into PB 1 and PB 2. This pallet can hold up to 2 tonnes depending on the number and thickness of the boards across the top. However, if you’re looking at a normal Grade 1 pallet holds around 1,000kg in weight.

Standard pallets are heavily used for supermarkets. Or even very popular in warehouse or factories for transporting heavy products. Such as, washing machines, fridges, and heavy furniture. Standard pallets would be the most popular choice to supply these types of companies mainly because of the structure and size of the pallet. Making it easy for larger objects to fit on the pallet without falling off and getting damaged or broken.

How much do 3 legger pallets weigh?

How much do 3 legger pallets weigh

The heavy duty 3 legger pallet (1200×1000) ideal to carry large quantities of products. The weight of this pallet is around 24kg. Having said that the max capacity this pallet can hold Is 3000kg. The most popular industries that choose 3 legger pallets are generally the food stores or even general warehousing companies. Mainly, because of the large square surface and base of this pallet with each stringer board a short distance apart.

Which highly reduces the chance of anything falling through the gaps or an object being too big to fit on the pallet. Additionally, what makes this pallet so secure are the 9 large blocks supporting the boards in between the base and the surface as well as the long nails that are required when structuring this pallet. That hold the blocks in place reducing the chances of the pallet getting damaged during loading or unloading large items onto lorries or side curtains.

To conclude, the average weight of a pallet normally ranges between 20-25 kg due to their characteristics. For example, amount of pallet blocks and stringer boards. The base of the pallet can also affect the weight the pallet meaning whether the pallet has a perimeter base or a normal 3 leg base. For more information on pallets and what pallets we can offer for you go check out our blog on ‘buy pallets Portsmouth ‘or contact us.


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