New Euro Sized 'TIPCI' Pallet

TIPCI Group has today announced the launch of a new pallet, in a bid to provide a complete sustainable solution for companies that require new pallets from virgin wood.

The new European standard size pallet by TIPCI Group is made from a combination of freshly sourced timber and the pallet blocks manufactured on site at TIPCI Group headquarters in Portsmouth. 

High Quality Timber Panels

The panels that form the main structure of the pallet are freshly sourced, high quality timber, which is supplied from Europe. The timber is cut to size at the timber mill where it is heat treated and kiln dried on site. 

Sustainable Pallet Blocks

The blocks for the new European standard size pallets are recycled from waste wood, where they are processed into wood chipping before they are heat treated and moulded into new high quality pallet blocks.

High Quality Wooden Pallets Suitable for Food and Pharmaceutical

Together, the high quality timber panels and heat treated blocks create a pallet of the highest quality, suitable for pharmaceutical and food manufacturing companies that require clean pallets free of contamination.

TIPCI’s Commitment To Sustainability

Furthermore, for every tree cut to produce the virgin pallet panels, TIPCI Group will re-plant the tree. TIPCI is partnering with The National Trust, via their plant a tree initiative, to fulfil our commitment to this sustainability project. This supports TIPCI’s mission to become the first zero-waste pallet company in the UK, which they are achieving by processing waste wood – that would otherwise go to landfill – to produce the pallet blocks that are suitable to be used with the highest standard of pallet. 

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Find out more about The National Trust Plant A Tree Initiative


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