We’re delighted to announce that the pallet block wood crusher at TIPCI UK headquarters, is now up and running. The crushing machine weighs over 90 tonnes and is capable of crushing 40 tonnes of wood in an eight hour shift to produce new wooden pallet blocks made from recycled wood.

Connor Hoare, Managing Director at TIPCI Group says, “This moment is a milestone for both the company and the pallet industry. While pallet quality is critical for industries such as food, pharmaceutical and retail, so is sustainability. We are now able to provide our customers with a consistent supply of premium quality, environmentally-friendly pallets. “

How the Crusher Works

The machine works by grinding the wood into sawdust. The sawdust is then heat-treated before being formed into pallet blocks. The heat treatment is performed in a super-size dryer, which heats the wood to the desired level while keeping it dry.

TIPCI is the only UK company that manufactures recycled wooden pallet blocks in this way.

Environmentally-Friendly Pallets from TIPCI

The blocks will be used to create a virgin pallet for companies that require non re-used pallets, but still have sustainability high on the agenda. TIPCI works in partnership with a supplier who responsibly sources wood, which forms the main panels for the virgin pallet. The heat-treated blocks ensure a complete environmentally-friendly pallet, while still ensuring the highest quality of pallet, where reused pallets are not an option.

Please contact us if you’d like a quote or to find out more about how TIPCI can help you with your pallet requirements.

The wood crusher in action – the wood has been crushed and is ready for heat treatment


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