Pallet Blocks

TIPCI Group is the first UK-based facility that manufactures the entire process in-house, which means companies who have sustainability high on the agenda can access a reliable source of high-grade wooden pallets, that come from recycled material and are processed in a very energy-efficient way.

During the process, waste wood and old wooden pallets are crushed into small particles, approximately 1 – 2mm in size. The particles then go through a hot air dryer with controlled temperature and air speed where moisture is taken out, any bugs are removed, and wooden internal oil comes to the surface to prevent future water absorption.

The small particles of wood make the process of the crusher at TIPCI Group very energy-efficient, enabling the required core temperature to be reached very quickly. This is what makes the process at TIPCI Group unique, when compared with heat-treating larger wooden materials, which takes hours to heat to the core temperature.

Why Buy Heat-Treated Pallet Blocks From TIPCI UK:

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Consistent supply to meet demands
  • Heat-treated
  • Uses waste wood
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Nationwide and international delivery

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