Our Services

Here at TIPCI we offer a wide range of services to fit your needs.


Provision of UK standard and Euro size pallets, in various grades, virgin, used and recycled. From, brand new to reconditioned you name it we supply it. In order to meet the demands of our customer needs. At TIPCI, we offer a range of second-hand pallets that we’ve repaired and reconstructed. Guaranteeing a newer, stronger, and longer lasting wooden pallet for business all over Europe. We are a trustworthy and reliable company and take great care and pride in our work and thrive on the development of sustainability and aim to be the first zero waste pallet company in the UK.

New pallets

New Pallets

Over the past year we have developed an ongoing supply of brand new, sustainable pallets. The new European standard size pallet by TIPCI Group is made from a combination of freshly sourced timber and the pallet blocks manufactured on site at TIPCI Group headquarters in Portsmouth. The panels that form the main structure of the pallet are freshly sourced, high-quality timber, which is supplied from our supplier in Europe. The timber is cut to size at the timber mill where it is heat treated and kiln dried on site. Together, the high-quality timber panels and heat-treated pallet blocks create a pallet of the highest quality, suitable for pharmaceutical and food manufacturing companies that require clean pallets free of contamination.

Custom Size Pallets

We also provide a service for businesses to request custom size pallets to suit there needs. Made from high-grade new timber and our very own pallet blocks made from sustainable resources. All you need to do is contact us put in the total number and specific size and we will provide the pallets for you. Either collection or delivery what ever suits the customer depending on their whereabouts.

pallet stack
Delivery truck

Delivery services.

At TIPCI Group we have a fleet of artic lorries that can hold up to 600 pallets for our bigger customers and orders all over Europe.
We also have little pickups and curtain siders for the smaller customers and orders that are more local; if you need a consistent supply of pallets and have the PO post code, we will delivery straight to your whereabouts free of charge. No location is too far for TIPCI, and we will ensure delivery prices are reasonable depending on your location.

Heat Treatment

We are FSC certified to heat treat our pallets in-house to meet the standards and requirements of ISPM 15. At TIPCI we heat-treat our pallets for customers. We do this because if we’re exporting or importing from outside of the UK, then the pallets will need to be heat-treated. This is a legislation that is required to prevent the spread the disease and infection. This is also because if along the supply chain our customers choose to import or export the pallets there may still be a requirement to have heat-treated pallets for use within the UK.

Waste Wood

Waste Management and Collection

We make pallet recycling easy and affordable for our customers.
If you’re local to the Portsmouth area and you want rid of the pallets taking up space in your warehouse, yard, or garden, but you don’t need a full collection service, bring your pallets to our factory. We’ll happily take them off your hands, where we will ensure your old pallet, no matter the condition, will not end up in landfill. Your pallet will be repurposed or, if it can’t be, we have an onsite pallet crushing machine that will process the waste wood, heat treat it and re-mould it into pallet blocks for heat-treated pallets.

At TIPCI Group we work with our clients to ensure they have a sustainable and consistent supply chain of wooden pallets. Not only that, but we demonstrate a full recycled loop of pallets, by providing a collection service with on-site over-sized pallet bins. Our customers have full confidence that every piece of wood waste they put into the pallet bins is reprocessed, reused, or repurposed with none of it going to landfill.

Our full-loop waste management service includes the provision of larger capacity, oversized bins to store the used pallets, ready for collection. We collect the pallets when the bins are full, ensuring the process is as hassle-free and cost efficient.

State-Of-The-Art Crushing Machine

We’re delighted to announce that the pallet block wood crusher at TIPCI UK headquarters, is now up and running. The crushing machine weighs over 90 tonnes and is capable of crushing 40 tonnes of wood in an eight-hour shift to produce new wooden pallet blocks made from recycled wood.

pallet blocks

Sustainable Pallet Blocks

We are the first company to manufacture blocks in the way we do.
During the process, waste wood and old wooden pallets are crushed into small wood chippings. After the sawdust is produced to perfection. We then have a process where we mix glue to the sawdust. This is so when the mixed sawdust can be heated and compressed into a specific size depending on the three possible sizes we offer on our block machine, whether its for Euro pallets, UK perimeter base standard pallets, or heavy duty three legger pallets.

Sawdust and Wood Chippings

The sawdust and wood chipping produced from our crusher machine are stored and bagged up ready for delivery for customers.
At TIPCI Group sawdust can be purchased for £8 per 10kg for the smaller customers working out at £0.80 per kg; a great deal for the quality received. However, if you’re a larger customer to TIPCI and require large quantity orders we offer 130kg bags filled with sawdust pricing at £60 per bag. This also applies for our wood chippings, £8 per 10kg for the smaller customers, and for our bigger customers £60 per 130 kg.