Prefere 4639 by dynea



Prefere 4639 by dynea – 35 bags per pallet at £90.00 per bag

Prefere 4639 is a type of adhesive resin manufactured by Dynea. It is a phenol-formaldehyde (PF) resin that is commonly used in the production of plywood, particleboard, and other wood composite products. Prefere 4639 is known for its high bonding strength, water resistance, and durability. It is also formaldehyde-free, making it a more environmentally friendly alternative to some other types of adhesive resins which contain formaldehyde. Overall, Prefere 4639 is a popular choice in the wood composite industry due to its excellent performance and eco-friendliness.

Prefere 4639 mixed with hardener Prefere 5630 provides an adhesive for use in the production of exterior grade plywood. Admixing modifier Prefere 4866 in addition to Prefere 4639 and hardenerPrefere 5630, special glue can achieve mix properties. Depending on wood species and gluing conditions.

When handling the adhesive, the hardener and the glue mix, it is recommended that certain precautions normally taken when handling chemicals is observed. Skin contact with the uncured glue should be avoided. Since people with particularly sensitive skin may be affected. It is recommended to wear protective gloves. Likewise eye protection where there is a risk of splashes. Hands and forearms should be thoroughly washed with soap and warm water at the end of the working day.

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