Sawdust 130kg treated



Treated recycled sawdust used for animal bedding and garden use. Made from crushed pallet wood and timber from our very own state-of-the-art crusher machine.

What’s the process?

Firstly, the chippings get constructed down into tiny wood chippings then sawdust. Afterward the sawdust is then dried to reach moisture contents ranging from 6% to 8%. TIPCI sawdust is of the highest quality, and frequently regarded and some of the best sawdust in the industry. We sell our sawdust in bags of 10kg for smaller customers looking for sawdust to be used as bedding. Customers looking for higher quantities for farming or industrial use can buy bags up to 130kg per bag.

Using our state-of-the-art recycling machine, we take waste wood and place this through our shredder to produce chippings. All metals are then removed from the sawdust using magnet belts ensuring the sawdust is safe for commercial and personal use for animals etc. The next stage of the process is to make the chippings into shavings by using our crusher. Finally, we dry and treat the sawdust reducing the moisture contents to ensure there is no contamination. TIPCI then have a process where the sawdust fills up in the 130 kg bags from our vent. Ready to be delivered to customers.

Uses and Safety

Alternative uses for sawdust can include biomass or producing pallet blocks. Please be warned that sawdust is highly flammable and should be treated with the upmost respect and care. Sawdust should be kept away from anything that can potentially cause a fire.

Our sawdust can be seen in many of our other products. For example, we  use our sawdust to produce our sustainable pallet blocks, which come in various sizes. We use our sawdust to produce our pallets as we use our own pallet blocks to repair, or we even use them to build new pallets. Other great uses for our sawdust would be cleaning spillages in factories due to its ability to absorb moisture.

For more information on sawdust and the popular industries that use this product visit our blog on ‘What is sawdust used for’

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Weight 130 kg