Treated Wood chipping (130kg)



Treated Wood Chippings (130 kg)

Treated recycled wood chippings used for parks and landscape gardening. Made from sustainable crushed pallet wood and timber. This process happens from our very own crusher machine.

What’s the process?

Firstly, by placing the timber into the shredder that crushes the pieces of wood into smaller chippings. Along the way any metals from the wood are removed to make sure no other materials are mixed when packaging. This process is possible due to our magnet belts attached to the ramp.

We make sure our chippings are safe for personal use. For example, no one catching their hands on any loose nails etc. We then package or fill the bags ready to be delivered to customers depending on the order of quantity. TIPCI wood chippings are made of the highest quality, we believe we have the highest-grade in the industry. We sell this item in bags of 10kg for companies with needs of smaller amounts for businesses in landscape of just general garden use. Or we now offer the availability to order larger amounts of this product weighing at (130kg). For the customers who plan to fill local parks or larger projects in their garden or workspace.

Uses and Safety

Please be warned that this product is highly flammable and should be treaded and looked after. So, make sure if you’re using purposely for uses for fire you keep away from children and stay at a safe distance. If this is not your intentions for use, make sure this item is kept away from any scenarios where it can be exposed to fires or even catching alight in your workspace or home.

There are many alternative uses for wood chippings. Whether that’s creating a pathway for your home or even use for starting an outside fire. This is a great product for outside design and parks for children to play safely due to a softer surface on the ground highly reduces risk to injury from a fall or accident.

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Weight 130 kg