New Euro Sized 'TIPCI' Pallet

So, what’s really the difference between Euro pallets vs UK standard pallets? A pallet is a pallet, right? Well we are here to explain and help your query.

There are many different types of pallets and pallet sizes. Each has a different weight and load bearing capacity depending on their construction material and pallet dimensions. We’ll talk about the Euro pallet and the UK standard pallet and their point of differences.

New Euro Pallet
New Euro Pallet

Euro Pallets

They are European standard size pallet which is 1200mm×800mm. We have 5 different grades of wood that carry 4 different weights. Euro pallets are mainly used for food transportation, cosmetic transportation, pharmaceuticals, and hard ware products.

The 5 Different Pallets

  1. New pallets – these are sourced from new timber that has never been used. They are high quality and can hold a ton in weight. New pallets are mainly used for food manufacturers and pharmaceuticals as they cant risk contamination of their products for the end consumer.
  2. Euro 1 – this is a second hand new pallet. As soon as the new pallet been used it then goes into grade 1 pallet therefore it still holds the same weight however can no longer be used to transport food or pharmaceuticals.  
  3. Euro 2 – again this carries the same weight as a new pallet and euro 1. The difference in a euro 2 pallet is the quality of the wood a result of being re-used and re-purposed for sustainable reasons. This now means this pallet is more hard wear products and cosmetics.
  4. Euro 3 – the Euro 3 carries 750kg in weight and is also known as lightweight euro. It doesn’t have the capacity to carry as much weight on it therefore the wood is thinner and cheaper than the other euros.  
  5. Euro 4 – is the same as Euro 3 however it is a lot more worn down. Again this can be used for cosmetics and pre-packaged items.
Euro Pallet
Euro Pallet

Standard Pallets

Standard pallets are heavily used for supermarkets. They are mainly used just for UK. Standard pallets are heavy duty based on the wood used. You can get new standard pallets also known Perimeter Based which is abbreviated to PB. The Perimeter Based is then abbreviated further into PB 1 and PB 2.

  1. PB1 is the same as the Euro pallet just not brand new wood but still as high quality.  
  2. PB 2 is a dirtier more worn wood but they both hold anywhere up to 4,600 lbs.
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UK Standard Pallet

Both pallet types are sustainable as they can be re-used numerous times. Once they go past sell by dates and are weathered we can repair them to be sent back out. This is only for Euro 1 – 4 and standard pallets as new pallets risk contamination. Sustainability is an important issue at TIPCI so for more information on our mission to becoming the first fully sustainable packaging company please read our recent blog here.


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