We’re delighted to be home to the only UK pallet block crusher. Designed and built by TIPCI Founder and Owner Connor Hoare, the crusher is a super-size machine that recycles, and heat treats wood from old pallets, condenses them into wood chippings and then produces recycled pallet blocks.

Connor’s vision of housing and installing the company’s own wood crusher came from TIPCI’s growing  requirements for the blocks (to make recycled pallets), with his only source for this product being in the Netherlands. “This presented some challenges for TIPCI”, explains Connor, “as customers’ demands are increasing and our customer base is growing, we need to ensure a continuous supply of fully recycled pallets for major UK and international brands”. He goes on to say, “Having our own crusher means we’re able to control the supply, and therefore guarantee the continuity to our customer base”.

The wood crusher weighs in at over 90 tonnes and expands the entire length of the production floor at TIPCI headquarters. Bearing a conveyer belt, rotary drum dryer, dust collector, glue mixer and a pallet box machine, in an eight hour shift, the impressive machine will process over 40 tonnes of wood, to produce a constant batch of pallet blocks. The pallet blocks are used to make the wood pallet base.

The blocks will be used to create a virgin pallet for companies that require non re-used pallets, but still have sustainability high on the agenda. TIPCI works in partnership with a supplier who responsibly sources wood, which forms the main panels for the virgin pallet. The heat-treated blocks ensure a complete environmentally-friendly pallet, while still ensuring the highest quality of pallet, where reused pallets are not an option.

The wood crusher is currently in its final stages of installation, and will be ready for production in February 2021. 

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