There are current supply chain issues that are impacting the industry in profound ways. It seems that everyone currently in the building industry is experiencing some serious labour and material shortages. These supply chain issues are impacting every industry in profound ways. From availability, circulation and cost, the pallet industry’s supply chain has seen negative impacts in recent months. 

We want to help our new and existing customers as the pallet industry goes through inevitable fluctuations. Therefore, we have developed a list of things that you as a business leader can do to better manage the current supply chain crunch. 

Pine Wood Recycled Pallets

8 Things you can do to support your business during a supply Chain Crunch 

If pallet shortages are currently causing you and your business team some pain, then you should know that you’re not alone. The following are some tips to keep in mind to help your team avoid disruptions during the current supply chain crunch. You will also gain more peace of mind during the current supply chain crisis: 

Lead Time

Be sure to give us plenty of lead time. The more time you provide us with information about your next order, the better prepared we’ll be. This ensures that you receive your new pallets in a timely manner. We would recommend around 14 days noticed for your pallet order, just so we can ensure we provide you with the pallets of upmost quality and value.  

Switch to Eco-Friendly Wood

Something else we would recommend is switching to Pine. This is super high quality, eco-friendly and durable answering all of your needs. We provide a wide range of pallets containing this wood so please drop us an email or call us to enquire.  

Sourcing Wood in a Sustainable Way  

We source the finest quality wood in the most sustainable way. This is one of the best things about working with us at TIPCI group as you can sleep easy knowing that your working with one of the best in the industry. Looking to be more sustainable? Be sure to read our latest blog on why you should work with a sustainable pallet company.  

Know when your pallets need repairs

It is also advised that you be as safe as possible with your existing pallet supply. It’s good to know when your pallets are needing to be repaired. Wood as a product type is easily recyclable and something we take advantage of at TIPCI group. This is because we are on a mission to become the first fully sustainable pallet company in the country.  

Have a ‘Safety Stock’ of Pallets

A ‘safety stock’ of pallets is recommended if you have the capacity at your facility. This will go a long way in ensuring your company has success during material shortages. This may mean that you will want to order some extra pallets to your current order to save for later.  

Partner with a Reputable Pallet Supplier

Partnering with a reputable pallet supplier such as ourselves is vital. We highly value our customers and will be willing to take on new clients. It is noticed that a lot of pallet suppliers simply aren’t accepting new customers due to supply issues and not being able to fulfil current customer needs.

Be Efficient in your current Inventory  

Being efficient in your current inventory is a great way of ensuring that you are as efficient as possible with your overall pallet usage. Our pallets are of the highest grade wood ensuring that you can re-use our pallets until repair is needed. We also have an innovative pallet manufacturing process ensuring we create and deliver the upmost highest grade pallets to your company.

Remain Flexible 

Finally, its important for business leaders to remain flexible during supply chain crunches as much as you’ll need to be decisive about your investment decisions your going to be better off when your understanding of the situation globally we are going through. As a business leader, it’s part of your job to act quickly when you need to secure your future supply of pallets. 

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