Portsmouth-based pallet company, TIPCI Group, is making history in the packaging industry by being the first to market with a unique innovation that enables the business to produce heat-treated pallet blocks, made from waste wood.

The wood crushing machine, designed by Managing Director Connor Hoare, is the first of its kind in the UK. The plant, capable of processing 40 tonnes of waste wood in an eight-hour shift, crushes the wood and turns it into small particles, which it then heat-treats and moulds into wooden pallet blocks.

The First in the UK to Manufacture Pallet Blocks In This Way

TIPCI Group is the first UK-based facility that manufactures the entire process in-house, which means companies who have sustainability high on the agenda can access a reliable source of high-grade wooden pallets, that come from recycled material and are processed in a very energy-efficient way. 

During the process, waste wood and old wooden pallets are crushed into small particles, approximately 1 – 2mm in size. The particles then go through a hot air dryer with controlled temperature and air speed where moisture is taken out, any bugs are removed, and wooden internal oil comes to the surface to prevent future water absorption. 

Heat treatment is necessary for all pallets that travel into and outside of the UK, in order to meet European ISPM15 legislation. The reason this legislation exists is to prevent the spread of disease and contamination through infected wood. To comply with ISPM15, the core temperature of the wood has to reach 60 degrees centigrade.  

The small particles of wood make the process of the crusher at TIPCI Group very energy-efficient, enabling the required core temperature to be reached very quickly. This is what makes the process at TIPCI Group unique, when compared with heat-treating larger wooden materials, which takes hours to heat to the core temperature.

Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly Process

Not only does TIPCI’s innovative manufacturing process prevent wood going to landfill by reprocessing and repurposing it, it also produces a recyclable and sustainable product. The strength and durability of the blocks manufactured at TIPCI Group ensure a long lifecycle for the pallets, which can be reused repeatedly. The heat treatment also makes them suitable for outdoor use, with research showing that heat treated wood can last in the ground for up to 40 years rot-free, compared with pressure-treated wood only lasting up to ten years.

Beyond the environmental benefits of the new process by TIPCI Group, the new investment will create up to ten more jobs at the Portsmouth-based pallet company. 

Connor Hoare, Managing Director at TIPCI Group says, “We are delighted to be able to provide our customers with a sustainable solution that is manufactured from within the UK and that can meet high-volume supply demands of environmentally-friendly pallets that are compliant with the new European legislation. 

“We are especially proud to create job opportunities within the local community of Portsmouth. Not only does our new investment bring benefits to the local area through employment opportunity, but our own haulage fleet also enables us to fulfil demand across the entire UK”.

More about TIPCI Group

Based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, TIPCI Group is a family-run pallet company that has been in operation for over 40 years. 

Well known for its super-quick, reliable and flexible service, TIPCI Group provides pallet manufacturing, supply and collection services to businesses of all sizes. Their customers include large high street retailers and online distributors, operating across the breadth and depth of the UK. 

With a commitment to sustainability, TIPCI Group is the only UK pallet company to manufacturer 100% recycled, heat treated pallet blocks in a sustainable way, in order to provide a truly complete recycled pallet solution.

For more information, visit the website: https://tipcigroup.com


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