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In need of custom size pallets near you? Then you’re at the right place. At TIPCI, we offer a flexible range of custom size pallets to fit our customers’ needs big or small. TIPIC’s custom size pallets are made at the highest quality and treated with the upmost respect and care. Suitable for industries that require shipments of large valuable goods. Or even engineering companies that need specific size pallets to move large machinery from one place to another.

Benefits of custom size pallets

TIPCI Custom size pallet

When it comes to pallets, it may be tempting to think all pallets are the same. But one size does not fit all. Using a pallet that is sized and designed to properly support your goods can accomplish a number of benefits. 

One you may not realise is that it optimizes space in your warehouse or trucks. For example, by maximizing the size of the pallet with a few more objects that can sit safely it frees up large amounts of space in working areas.

The main benefit of custom size pallets is due to a larger, stronger, and more stable pallet this massively decreases any chances of anything damaged or broken. This factor is both beneficial to the supplier and consumer because if we can avoid the cost of repair or replace everybody’s happy.

What industries need custom size pallets

Custom size pallets

What industries would normally require custom size pallets for their businesses?   

The most popular customers that contact us requiring a custom size pallet or pallets. Are generally the industries in engineering, air conditioning or shipment companies. That require delivering large valuable goods to different places around Europe.

For these types of industries, it’s essential to order custom size pallets. Because if you’re in need of a safe solution to import large objects to your customers. Or even to be stored in your warehouse or factory. You can trust TIPCI to supply you a strong, structured measured to size pallet just for you to ensure no damaged or broken objects when being placed on the pallet.

Another popular industry that may need custom size pallets are glass companies. This is because its compulsory that no glass gets smashed or damaged. A good solution is in need to ensure the glass is safe and at no risk of expensive damage. Custom size pallets are also good for this type of industry because it Increases cost-efficiency when you don’t pay for size and weight capacity you don’t need.

What do we offer?

Custom pallet bench

We have a large supply of 4 meter long, brand new pallet timber sourced sustainably from our reliable source in Europe. Heat treated, and kiln dried with certification. That we use to build our pallets. We can offer any custom size you’re in need of up to the 4-meter limit. There is no limit to how many you need all we need is a number and size and we will supply that for you.

We even use our very own sustainable pallets blocks on each pallet we build for you. Manufactured to TIPCI Group’s highest standards. Our pallet blocks are completely sustainable and durable. Made from recycled wood and timber. Go visit our blog on ‘What are pallet blocks made of’ for more information on the process of how we make our blocks to specific sizes.

On TIPIC’s custom size pallets to optimize maximum strength and stability. We will also nail each block with our very own 34mm x 90mm Pallet Nails. These are perfect for the outcome due to the length and thickness guaranteeing a firm hold between the block and timber.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a safe and effective solution to effectively store or export large valuable objects to any size. Then we highly recommend you choosing us as your supplier for custom size pallets. Based on the high-quality and strong characteristics we choose to build and structure your pallet. We promise you a good service and trust to full fill your needs to successfully hold items or machinery on our pallet or pallets.

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