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Loads of questions are asked about what pallet blocks are made of and how they’re made. So, in this blog we will answer these questions and give you an insight on how we produce our pallet blocks using sustainable resources and machinery. To ensure you that each block is made from 100% recycled wood and sawdust.


What are pallet blocks made of?

Picture of pallet block

Compressed pallet blocks are generally made from compressed heated sawdust which is then formed into a specific shape and size depending on the pallet type. The blocks are manufactured by compressing sawdust under high pressure and temperature. It’s durable and provides twice the nail-gripping strength of standard wooden blocks. The compressed block commonly has the EPAL print, printed on to identify the pallet as a standard European pallet.

However, the standard wooden block is purely made from wood. That’s modified and constructed into a shape that best suits the pallet. For example, the smaller and thinner blocks will be made for the lighter pallets that can hold less maximum weight. Whereas the thicker blocks will be made for the stronger structure pallets that can hold large quantities of items or even machinery.

How do we make our pallet blocks?

TIPCI Group's Pallet Blocks

Here are TIPCI’s very own sustainable pallet blocks. We are the first company to manufacture blocks in this way. During the process, waste wood and old wooden pallets are crushed into small wood chippings.

This is possible due to our state-of-the-art crusher machine. The chippings then go up our conveyer belt where magnet belts are attached to remove any other materials, to guarantee no contamination. To then be further made into sawdust. The particles then go through a hot air dryer with controlled temperature and air speed where moisture is taken out.

After the sawdust is produced to perfection. We then have a process where we mix glue to the sawdust. This is so when the mixed sawdust can be heated and compressed into a specific size depending on the three possible sizes we offer. The four sizes that our block machine can produce are the: 145 x 100 x 78 Pallet Block, 145x145x78 Pallet Block, 145 x 90 x 90 Pallet block and the 90 x 90 x 90 Pallet block .

What is an EPAL pallet block?

The EPAL pallet block

The EPAL pallet block is one of the specifications that identify the pallet as a European pallet. The EPAL pallet other known as the Euro pallet is the most widely used exchange pallet in the world.

It’s mainly found in Europe and around 450-500 million are currently in circulation. The EPAL association guarantee smooth and safe transport of goods around Europe. However, can only hold weight up to 1.5 tonnes and weighs approximately 25kg. They ensure maximum occupational safety thanks to their high quality and strong structure.

Here at TIPCI Group we supply our own chain of high-grade, quality pallets. Our new Euro Sized ‘TIPCI’ pallet. Which is produced from fresh sawn new timber from our reliable source in Europe.

Using our very own manufactured pallet blocks also from sustainable sources. All of our blocks and timber are heat treated and kiln dried. Perfect for companies operating in food and pharmaceutical industries. Certified and meeting all the standards to ensure customer needs are met.

Overall, what the block is made of is dependent on the needs of the pallet and the specific type of the pallet. However, generally blocks are made from compressed and heated sawdust which is then manufactured into a certain shape or size. Unless you may find blocks with are purely made from wood which has been shaped into a block size to suit the pallet. Here, at ‘TIPCI’ we fully recommend and support companies that choose sustainability and we aim to become the first 0 waste pallet company in the UK.

Please contact us if you’d like a quote or find out more about how TIPCI can help you with your pallet requirements


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