Many people wonder what you can make from a pallet. It is seemed to be one of the most popular searches when people are wanting to find out ways, they can reuse old or new pallets in a way where they become a different type of purpose. So, in this blog we will answer some of those questions. Covering; what strategies do people use when making objects from pallets? How to decorate a room with recycled pallets? Why is it good to reuse pallets? So, people can be encouraged to recycle and help contribute to saving our planet and reduce global footprint.

What strategies do people use when making objects from pallets?

Pallet table

Normally when people are planning on reusing pallets. They are often unwanted, broken, or just taking up space. Where furniture can be filled instead. So why not, be creative and reconstruct the pallet into something that you can use effectively suiting the needs that you want to achieve?

Pallets are a great material for upcycling and decorating inside your home or garden. First, you’ll want to add a bit of personality to your pallet furniture. For example, where it’s going to look best and what colours suit best for where it’s going to fit in. So, the easiest way to do this is with some exterior wood paint.

Start by sanding your pallets down and smoothing out any rough edges. You want a rustic finish but without the splinters. Simply use a paint roller to cover your pallets in paint and a paint brush for more intricate details and corners.

Pallet tables are an easy DIY project and can add an extra style to your outdoor space. To create a pallet coffee table, you will need two; clean and sanded down pallets. Simply, stack your pallets flat on top of each other and secure in place with a drill and screws.

How to decorate a room with recycled pallets?

Pallet garden furniture

When recycling pallets how you choose to reuse them is up to you. Although there are lots of options on what to reconstruct pallets into. Whether its indoor or outdoor furniture the most popular one for DIY from research are tables. Mainly because of the way there are built. Including a rectangular or square base made at an ideal size to hold items such as glasses plates or even picture frames. You can also be creative and choose to build a more comfortable option.

For example, an outdoor or indoor sofa depending on your choice this process is easy and effective. Depending on the size you need, combine two or more pallets being careful that they are on the same level. The effect of the natural pallet is already very nice, but if you prefer you can paint them with the colour of your choice. The structure seems too low. Just place the same number of pallets on the base that you have created. If you want to create a headboard paste the pallets upright behind your base. Now just get some soft pillows or simply create it with some foam covered with a fabric of your choice for more comfort. There you have it. Two effective ways where you can re transform unwanted pallets into pieces of furniture that suits you best when decorating space indoors or outdoors.

Why is it good to reuse pallets?

Pallet garden furniture

Are you passionate about recycling and reducing global footprint? If the answers yes, then recycling old pallets and contributing to a sustainable environment is the best thing you could do.

From research, every year, the UK is responsible for over five million tonnes of waste wood. This number is massive. So, we encourage you to contribute to the sustainability of wooden pallets that can be used for years. This knock-on environment effect is the most eco- friendly to dispose of unwanted wood. Another aspect because it’s good to reuse pallets is for saving up on energy. For example, when pallet recycling happens, it reduces the need to extract and transport raw wood materials to waste plants which uses up a lot of fuel.

Here at TIPCI we aim to become the first zero waste pallet company in the UK. We can ensure you that all of our pallet blocks are made from 100% recycled and sustainable wood and broken pallets.

By reusing pallets, you can even reduce the chances of injury or an accident occurring at a workspace or environment. This is because by keeping pallets or even broken pallets around a depot or workspace it can lead to a serious health and safety issue. Not only could they pose a fire risk, but employees are also likely to injure themselves due to the sharp edges of the wood. Or even broken nails sticking out of the pallet creating and unsafe working environment.


Overall, there are many things you make from old pallets that also result in having a massive impact on our environment. Not only that it also gives you the opportunity to use your own initiative and be creative. It gives you the opportunity to retransform disposable unwanted wood into a design or piece of furniture where friends and family can use for comfort or simply for holding storage. So, we encourage you today to contribute to sustainability. By doing something positive effective whether that’s recycling or recreating a pallet into something that can be seen useful to you in or outside your home. What’s your next move?


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