What is sawdust used for? Well, a lot of questions through the internet and google have been asked about the uses of sawdust and what it’s good for. So here we are to give you an insight on; what types of companies would use sawdust? What can I make from sawdust? And finally, Is sawdust dangerous?

What types of companies would use sawdust?

The main types of companies that would use sawdust in large quantities in there day to day work would mainly be farming companies. The reason for this is because it’s good for controlling weeds. This process happens by robing the soil of nitrogen. Leaving nothing for the weeds. Wood shavings have a high carbon-to-nitrogen ratio. Which leads to microorganisms stealing nitrogen from the soil to help break down the sawdust during decomposition.

This process would also be very effective for landscape companies. By reducing the speed of weed growth in gardens to maintain healthy soil and minimizes an untidy job for the customer.

Another aspect where sawdust is popular in the farming industry is bedding for horses’ cows or pigs. Wood shavings reduce smell as it reduces the ammonia in the air that comes out of the poultry droppings. the ammonia can be very dangerous to both chickens and the people working on the farm as it can lead to eye problems and respiratory damage.

Lastly, if your company is based in a factory or a workshop due to sawdust being a great absorbent to moisture. It’s perfect for mopping up any spillages. By adding microorganisms to the liquid soaking up the oil, diesel, or petrol to reduce maybe an accident or maybe an even more dangerous scenario.

What can I make?

There are a few ways where you can be creative with wood shavings one popular resolution is to make your own wood filler. Wood fillers are a great way to repair any small holes or cracks in wood. The wood shavings we recommend you use for this action are mainly from hard dense wood such as oak or maple.

You do this by simply by:

  • Mixing glue with the sawdust
  • Add water if needed to make it easier to mix
  • Mix the two together until the mixture is smooth and consistent.
  • Put aside to dry
  • Sand smooth after dried, then you’ll have a perfectly sized wood filler.

There’re even ways where sawdust can be recycled and used effectively in your home. Especially for them cold winter nights. Due to the product being highly flammable. They can be effective for starting fires for your log burner or fireplace. The safe why to do this is by packing the sawdust into paper muffin cups, above, or a cardboard egg carton. Melt paraffin wax or old candles in a double boiler, pour over the sawdust and allow to cool. Slow burning when lit, these hotcakes will make great starters for your fireplace or outside campfires.

An additional alternative where sawdust can be useful for home use. Would be the people that owns either gerbils, hamsters, or mice. Wood shavings are perfect for the smaller animals to have in their cage to scratch or dig through- perfect if you want to create a nice, new clean home for your pet.

Is sawdust dangerous?

Many companies produce sawdust due to off cuts and saws when chopping wood into smaller pieces. Creating several questions asked on how harmful it is to us. One very common accident that occurs is when the wood shavings enter the eyes of those working with wood and near those working with wood. Causing a frustrating battle with trying to get it out with each blink. Most sawdust is inert and will not be toxic. The major harm would be for instance if someone is drilling in wood, creating sawdust of course, but hitting a piece of metal which flies into the eye. Which then leads on to an even more serious accident where you may have to go to hospital. So, it’s vital when working with or around sawdust to make sure you wear safety goggles at all times.

Also, if you’re generating a lot of sawdust in your factory or workshop. Be careful to how much is exposed. Mainly because certain types of sawdust can be, when it goes up in an enclosed area, just as explosive as gasoline. Especially if you’re working with tools or equipment that produce a lot or sparks or even flames.

Sawdust Long- term health issues

Sawdust can also cause dangerous long-term health issues to our body. The exposure to sawdust has proven to have long term effects on your breathing and lungs. Reported health effects associated with exposure to dust from wood products include a rare type of nasal cancer. It has been reported in people who have worked with hard woods in very dusty wood-working environments with little or no dust control or face protection rules in place. Also, when exposed. Though noted more with softwoods, exposure to wood dust may result in decreased pulmonary function. In addition, exposure to wood dust can disrupt the cilia. The small hair-like structures in the respiratory tree that remove inhaled toxins from the airways. Causing harsh breathing problems in the future. So, it’s crucial your making sure you’re working in a safe environment where dust protection is taken seriously. Masks goggles etc.

In conclusion, there is a vast range of ideas that you can explore to make sawdust useful for you in your workspace or even inside your home or garden. In a cheaper way to maybe something else you had in mind. But always remember to work safely and wear protected equipment. If you are looking for sawdust which is a great price, sustainable and great quality then TIPCI is your place to go.


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