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Lots of people have been searching the internet and wondering what is the price for a load of sawdust? So, we are here to help and shed some light on how much we at TIPCI group sell ours for in comparison to other businesses selling their sawdust and shavings and what is the difference between our sawdust and standard sawdust.

Price of sawdust?

Sawdust is predominantly used in farming or personal use for animal bedding. So, it is a good idea to see how much they are charging for 20kg bags on these websites for this. On an article posted in 2018 confirmed that a livestock farmer based in Cornwall was paying £80 per tonne. 27 tonnes at a time lasting on average 3 months before they needed to reorder. This was however posted 4 years ago. We all know that since then supply chain issues, rising costs of living, the rise in timber and fuel costs have all meant that this price is now higher as of 2022. The only thing that will remain a constant in the above article is the amount of time that the sawdust is lasting for.

Comparing the price of sawdust

The next thing we need to look at when searching internet for sawdust and for price comparison. Is most sites show the amount of sawdust in litres. So, to clarify 1 litre of sawdust is equal to 0.21kg this 41 litre or 8.61kg bag of shavings from is £19.99 which is £2.32 per kg of shavings. Alternatively, Jamieson Brothers offer 20kg clear bags for £16.99 at working out at £0.84p. If you are looking for bulk buying websites such as and figures for tonnes of sawdust are ranging from £80 – £130 per tonne. However, this is heavily dependent on the quality of the product.

TIPCI Sawdust

TIPCI sawdust

At TIPCI we are guaranteeing great quality in our sawdust. We are drying our product to a perfect temperature and storing inside to make sure that the sawdust is not getting damp outside and maintaining its high quality. At sawdust can be purchased for £100 per tonne and £8 for smaller 10kg bags working out at £0.80 per kg; a great deal for the quality received. However, if you’re a larger customer to TIPCI and require large quantity orders we offer 130kg bags filled with sawdust pricing at £50.00 per bag.

The best thing about the TIPCI sawdust is the sustainability factor. TIPCI aren’t sawing down new timber or trees to get their sawdust. They created a machine which is able to take waste wood and churn it down to sawdust. Once this process is finished, TIPCI air dries and treats the sawdust making it clean, high quality and sustainable. As seen on this article from the news

In conclusion, if you are looking for sawdust which is a great price, sustainable and great quality. Then TIPCI is your place to go. If you are just looking for cheap shavings and are not worried about the quality of the product. Then eBay is going to be the best option. But overall pound-for-pound TIPCI is the sawdust for you.

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