Waste Wood

Every year, the UK is responsible for over five million tonnes of waste wood. Thanks to government initiatives and greater awareness, less waste wood is going to landfill and more of it is being recycled or repurposed. At TIPCI we are working on an initiative to become the first zero waste pallet company in the UK. 

The pallet industry accounts for the largest amount of recycled wood. However, waste wood can also be used for pet bedding; play areas; equestrian surfaces and landscaping. 

Recycle Your Pallets

One of the easiest ways to contribute to the recycling of wood is to recycle your wooden pallets. This provides a significant contribution to the sustainability of wooden pallets, which can be reused for many years. If you process a lot of pallets, then partner with a pallet company who can provide you with pallet bin facilities and a regular collection service. This is something we do for our customers at TIPCI Group. Find out more here.

When selecting a pallet partner, find out what they do with your waste wood. If the pallet is irreparable, there is a risk the pallet will go to landfill.  Here at TIPCI Group we recycle every pallet and waste wood. If the pallet can’t be re-used or repaired then the wood is processed through our crushing machine. After it becomes sawdust it is heat-treated with glue to form pallet blocks. These pallet blocks are used to make new pallets.

Recycle All Your Waste Wood

If, like TIPCI, your pallet partner recycles other waste wood, make sure you fill your pallet bins with the wood. This could be panel boards, wooden planks or any soft wood waste. At TIPCI we will process it through our crushing machine to give the wood a new purpose in the pallet network

There are also wooden recycling partners across the UK who specialise in wood recycling. The Wood Recyclers Association provides a network of wood recyclers members across the UK, who can work with you to recycle and reprocess you waste wood. 

The benefit of recycling all your waste wood is that it avoids landfill. If the wood can’t be used in the pallet industry, it can be used for alternative purposes such as pet bedding, landscaping and other outdoor surface areas. At TIPCI Group, we make use of every bit of wood. Not only do we form pallet blocks with the grinded wood, but we also supply pet bedding.

Repurpose Your Waste Wood

You can personally contribute to the prevention of waste wood reaching landfill. The next time you have a home project – perhaps a bar or a planter – consider the role of the almighty pallet. A fantastic upcycling project which is cost effective and helps to reuse the wood. 

On a corporate level, if there is an opportunity to upcycle some waste wood in the workplace to make something useful of it, then do! This makes a fantastic contribution to reducing waste and is a fantastic story to share with the business and local community. 

Work With TIPCI Group

At TIPCI Group we work with our clients to ensure they have a sustainable and consistent supply chain of wooden pallets. Not only that, but we demonstrate a full recycled loop of pallets, by providing a collection service with on-site over-sized pallet bins. Our customers have full confidence that every piece of wood waste they put into the pallet bins is reprocessed, reused or repurposed with none of it going to landfill.

We have a fleet of pallet lorries and a distribution network to cover the UK.

If you’d like to work with us or if you’d like more information about TIPCI Group and our services, get in touch.


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