Around this time of year more and more wooden pallets are being used by retail and food companies due to the Christmas season. So, in this blog we will be answering the questions on ‘why do we still use wooden pallets?’ and why there for efficient for businesses than plastic pallets.

Why should I use wooden pallets?

stack of wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are getting more and more popular for industries in retail and food store companies for many reasons.

One main aspect is because wood pallets are more affordable than other types of pallets. Because timber is cheaper than steel and plastic, making wooden pallets be more affordable.

Wooden pallets are also very simple and low maintenance; they can be maintained as long as they are not soaked in water. As they can result in rotting quickly if exposed to large amounts of excess water. To avoid water absorption, ensure the pallet is stored in a dry area.

Another reason why wooden pallets are more common is because they are recyclable and have the expectancy to be used multiple of times. For example, when recycling your pallet there are many alternatives you can use. One being our recycling method, we use at TIPCIS headquarters. This process happens when we either collect or you deliver unwanted pallets to our pallet yard. We then crush the wooden pallets with our machine to then produce our sustainable products. Such as wood chippings or sawdust, to either sell or carry on the process to manufacture pallet blocks, for our brand-new pallets. Or sell in big bulks.

Why are wooden pallets are being used by retail and food companies around this annual season?

wooden pallets used in retail

Wooden pallets are being used by retail companies more at this time of year than any other due to the number of customers they attract to their business around Christmas time. So, it’s vital they order the correct and most efficient pallets to store or deliver goods to their customers. They need to make sure the pallet can hold the correct number of items. Aswell as having the ability to be used a multiple of times without any signs of damage or break.

Wooden pallets are also proven to be more stable than any other type of pallets. This is an important factor to why they are more popular around this time of year because due to high quantity orders from retail stores more pallets are needed for companies to ship to supply chains. So maximum stability is vital.

Around this season custom size wood pallets are also very common requests at TIPCI Group. This is because custom sized pallets are a good solution to safely to import large objects to your customers. Or even to be stored in your warehouse or factory.

They also, optimize space in your warehouse or trucks. For example, by maximizing the size of the pallet with a few more objects that can sit safely it frees up large amounts of space in working areas. This would be important around this season because this would be for some companies. The busiest time of the year.

Wooden pallets compared to plastic pallets

plastic pallets vs wooden pallets

Advantages of wooden pallets

The main advantages for wooden pallets are that they are affordable and recyclable. These are important benefits for companies. Because due to the price of these pallets being so low the more likely the wooden pallet is going to be the pallet of their choice.

Which leads me onto the next advantage that stringer pallets are easily recyclable and can be repaired if damaged. The fact wooden pallets are recyclable is another reason why they are more common. The main ways you can recycle your pallets are, use them as furniture, take them to a local pallet yard for waste management. Or even sell the pallets to a local pallet company for them to repair and sell for other customers. Which adds on to wooden pallets having the expectancy to be reused to multiple supply chains without going to land fill.

Disadvantages of wooden pallets

However, wooden pallets may have some disadvantages when loading and unloading.  Wooden pallets aren’t very sturdy and can be broken by overloading or misloading the pallet or by forklift damage. In serious cases, this can render the pallet unusable before it reaches its destination. Which could cause the loss of part or all of a load of product. When stringer pallets break, the result is more than just a broken board. Large splinters, smaller debris, and loose fasteners are detached from the pallet. These can puncture product containers and render the products unfit for sale. If the product ends up in the hands of consumers, foreign object contamination due to splinters and nails may be cause for a recall.

Advantages of plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are made of a non-absorbent material that doesn’t degrade over time. That gives plastic platforms a number of advantages. Plastic pallets are pest resistance this is because plastic isn’t likely to be infested by insects. As it doesn’t trap water and isn’t easy to penetrate. This prevents the spread of common warehouse pests and closes a route for invasive wood-eating species to spread. There also chemically sanitary. Because plastic does not absorb liquid chemicals like detergents or bleach. This makes spills easier to clean up and prevents the spread of potentially harmful chemicals through the supply chain.

Disadvantages of plastic pallets

However, you’ll find that plastic pallets aren’t recyclable. This would be a disadvantage for companies because this results in having to keep on buying replacements after they get broken. Plastic pallets cost about 3 times more than wooden pallets. Also due to their sleek surface makes them slippery and less stable for stacking.

On the whole, the reasons we still use wooden pallets are because they are easily affordable for businesses. As well as having a long-lasting life expectancy due to them being recyclable and having the ability to be used by multiple supply chains. In many different industries for mainly retail or food companies. At TIPCI we have every grade of pallet from virgin and reconditioned. To meet the critical demands of our customer needs. 

For more information and what we services we can supply for you or products we sell go visit our shop or contact us.


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