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Studies and research show that wooden pallets are better for the environment than other forms of packaging. To the casual observer, there are millions of wooden pallets in circulation around the world… so what is the impact on the environment? Conversely, the wooden pallet has many more environmental benefits than other forms of packaging, and here is why.

Wooden Pallets are Sustainable

Let’s address the source of wooden pallets. Contrary to a belief that wooden pallets must contribute to deforestation, wooden pallets are mostly produced from specially grown trees, within nurseries. The trees used for pallet production are usually of the soft species, such as pine, Douglas fir, spruce and yew, as they grow quickly and are replenished easily.

Wooden Pallets are Reuseable

The beauty of a wooden pallet is that it can be reused, over and over. In fact, a wooden pallet can be in circulation for over forty years. With the correct treatment and conditioning, a wooden pallet doesn’t need to consider retiring for decades! At TIPCI Group, we provide extra large pallet bins to our customers’ sites, so they can conveniently recycle their pallets. Our collection service ensures the pallets make it back into the supply chain and supports the customer with their sustainability initiatives. 

Wooden Pallets are Repairable

Soft wood may not have the strength of metal or plastic. However, if a wooden pallet is damaged it can easily and affordably be repaired. Unlike their plastic alternative – if a plastic pallet is damaged it will not repair easily. In fact, wooden pallets are so repairable that companies like TIPCI Group specialise in the repair and reuse of wooden pallets. 

Wooden Pallets can be Repurposed!

A growing global trend is the repurposing and ‘upcycling’ of wooden pallets. From outdoor planters to shelving, coffee tables, bars and even decking – the possibilities of pallet repurposing is endless! Instagram and Pinterest are providing great platforms to share ideas and photos when it comes to giving a wooden pallet a new purpose in life.  Check out our blog for neat ideas on what to do with your old wooden pallet.

Wooden Pallets are Recyclable

When a wooden pallet does reach the end of its life, it doesn’t have to go to Landfill! In fact, here at TIPCI, we are on a mission to become the UK’s first zero waste pallet company. We are passionate about pallet recycling. We will break down the pallet to use it for repairs on other pallets, or the waste wood goes into our giant crushing machine – the first machine of its kind in the UK that produces heat-treated premium grade pallet blocks using an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly process.  Wooden pallets can also be used as fuel. If a pallet company is unable to process waste wood in the way TIPCI does, the pallet can still be chipped to produce a fuel source.

If you’d like to learn more about the pallet services we provide at TIPCI Group, please get in touch. 


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